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We do not sell the address or e-mails from the ladies like most agencies, since we are not sure if the lady is going to reply to you. Most ladies receive many letters and they usually reply to the letters with the best photos. Most of the ladies do not speak English and they do not own a computer. In many cases they cannot afford to go to an Internet cafe (Public access computers)

We make sure that the ladies receive your letters and you will know within a few days if the lady is interested or not.

 USD$ 0-100.00 

The first Two letters are free of charge. Them we charge $10.00 dollars per letter, (one page per letter) and we charge $8.00 for the translation. You can also send a photo 100ksize-jpg-file format. Our translations are made by live persons not by computer programs translations that many times do not reflect the right meaning of the letter. You can open and account with as little as $50.00 or $100.00 and start a new life.


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